App: Fetch

Just like Fetch on the website, but even better!

Fetch on Android Devices

  1. Tap the red browse icon in the web link field and Giftster opens a browser so you can shop wherever you like. (Tip: Enter a store name in the empty web link field first and Giftster will open a Google search result for you automatically.)
  2. Once you find something you love, tap the add link button in the upper right corner of the in-app browser to return to your item with the link.
  3. Then tap Fetch to do its magic.

Fetch on iPhone & iPad

Find & Fetch on the Giftster App for iPhone & iPad

  1. Tap Find & Fetch at the top of the add item screen.
  2. Search for an item to add to bring up the in-app web browser.
  3. Once on a product page of an item you'd like to add, tap the add to Giftster button at the bottom.
  4. Fetch will run automatically and auto-fill any details it can for your item.
  5. Edit as necessary and save.

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