App: Add items

The simplest way to add an item on the Giftster app

Type something like "gardening gloves" in the gift idea field and press save. That's it.

Or, use Fetch to auto-fill your picture, gift name, price, and detailed description. Then just touch the stars to set your star ranking (to show how much you want the item) and save! Add items from any store in the world - no preset choices to restrict your shopping.

At the store?

Take a picture of the item and add it to your list. Touch add image on the add item page and select the camera icon.

Note:  The IOS app currently does not provide access to the camera icon or local files.  The work around, and it is a simple one, is to run giftster in your Safari browser on your IOS device, where you will find an identical interface, and add image does offer access to your camera and local files.

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