Start a group

Once you create a group, you can invite others to join your group and view your lists, and you can view theirs. Every member of your group can view and shop each other's lists and preferences, including yours, so everyone will think you are a gift champion for creating this group.

  1. To start a group, on the Groups page click the start a group button. 
  2. Next, give your group a name
  3. Finally, fill in the full name and email address for the people you wish to invite to become members of your group. You see three rows to start, as you fill out the third-row Giftster gives you another, so invite all you want! You can invite additional members later too. 
  4. Then press the save group and invite button. Giftster sends an email invitation to everyone you’ve entered. On iOS and Android mobile apps you can select invitees with one touch from your address books.
  5. On, on web and mobile devices, you also have a way to recruit group members without email. On an existing group you created, tap invite more members and then you can choose from emailing a personal invite, or sharing a request-to-join link via text or any way you like. Tip: The same request-to-join link can be shared with multiple people via a group chat or social media and they all can use it to request to join your specific group.

How to convince your family to join

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