Groups: 4 alternative ways to get others to join your group

Quickly turn your invitees into members – even if they don't see or get your invitation email

#1 – Recruit by Text Message

  1. On your phone, visit your group page on (not currently available on the apps).
  2. Select a group you created and tap the invite more members button. 
  3. Select text to share a text message with your group's request-to-join link.

Tip: Prefer to use another messaging app? Simply copy your request-to-join link and share it however you please.

#2 – Skip the Invite

  1. Have them create a Giftster account using the same email you used to invite them
  2. They'll see your invite on their group page and with one click they're in.

#3 – Request to Join Using Member Search

  1. Have them visit Giftster and search on your name or email address using the Member Search box found at the top of the site. Using the app? Click the "…more" tab on the app to navigate to Member Search.
  2. Under your name click on "Request Membership". This will send you a request that shows on your Group page. You'll also receive an email notification. 
  3. Once you approve the request, they are connected, no emails required. 

#4 – Do It All For Them

  1. You could register each group member using their email address and a simple password (encourage them to change it later).
  2. When logged into each new account, request to be added to your group.
  3. Log back into your own account, accept all the requests, and you’re all connected.
  4. Tell each group member about their account and how to access it.
  5. Start sharing wish lists!
Tip: If you’ll need to manage a family member or child’s account, use the child accounts setting in your account.

How to convince your family to join

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