View recent group activity

The Notification Center or news feed (bell shaped icon) takes you to the page where you are kept up to date on list activities with your group members. You will see time-stamped notices of list updates, and any group actions, and an option to turn email digests on or off.

The email digest feature watches all the activity in your group, and if in the past 24 hours there have been list updates by members, it aggregates them all together into one daily digest email sent out to each related group member. If you don't want to be the recipient of these digest emails, you can turn that feature on and off on the Notification Center on the website. If you don't want your list activity included in the news feed and digest emails, set your list privacy to "private" while adding or editing items and leave it private for one day. Then set your list privacy back to shared or public so others can see your list and activity again when you are done.

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