Start a Secret Santa Draw

Can I draw names or start a Secret Santa with my group?

Yes! Giftster does the group part and organizes the wish lists and preferences for you, and then you can add a Secret Santa draw to your group (instructions below). Fun fact: A Secret Santa, where you draw names out of a hat, is sometimes called a Kris Kringle, a gift exchange or a white elephant.

How to get started

  1. Login to the website (The Secret Santa creation/admin part is currently not available on the apps).
  2. To start a Secret Santa you'll first want to start a group. (Note: A Secret Santa group needs at least three approved members).
  3. Approve any requests to join your group and wait for others to accept their invites so you have 3 or more members including yourself (you are automatically included in your group, no need to invite yourself).
  4. On your group screen, click the Secret Santa tab. 
  5. Then click the add Secret Santa button.
  6. Follow the steps on the page to add members, write your rules, and add exclusions (who can't pick certain members).
  7. Start the draw! Giftster marks each pick with a Santa hat and emails each participant to let them know they can log in on their IOS or Android app or on the website to see who they should buy a gift for.

You'll love the simple way Secret Santa works - it's Giftsterrific!

Managing a Secret Santa

You, as the organizer, see the Giftster Draw Dashboard - where draw details are summarized. You can even see who has started to shop for their pick and who hasn't so you know who needs a nudge. You can also update your draw rules at any time and everyone instantly sees your updates.

Ending the draw

Once gifts are opened, just remove the Secret Santa draw from the group. The group, members, and lists remain, for you to use year-round for birthdays, other gift-giving events, and next year's holiday season. Giftster saves your previous draws so you can choose to tell Giftster not to make the same picks next time.

Giftster's Jolly (above), who has name picking duties.

Tip: If you have a previous draw, you can apply that one to this new draw and reuse exceptions & Giftster won't make the same picks as last time
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