Buy an item

How do I buy an item off of someone's list or check out?

Look for the  website button in the item description (if provided by the list maker) to visit the store where the item is available. 

Or purchase it wherever you like. Giftster does not handle the actual gift transaction, we keep track of who bought what so everyone is happy. If there is no store location or web link noted, expand the item and click  Find it on Amazon to automatically search for the item on Amazon. 

Giftster does not have a shopping cart - you visit a store, either online or in person, to make your purchase and checkout.  

If you're still unsure where to find the item, use the Remind [this person] to update this list link at the bottom of the list to ask a question about the item (don't worry - you can remain anonymous if you choose). 

After you've made your purchase, mark the item as purchased by you so no one else gives the same gift.

Questions about an order or shipping questions

Sometimes we get asked, "where's my order"? We have to remind the gift giver that Giftster may have the best wish list registry in the world, but we don't ship anything ourselves. A Giftster wishlist item may have a website link to an e-commerce store that sells the item, they are the company to contact to find out about an order status.  

Contact the store directly where you made the purchase to inquire about order status. You marked it purchased on Giftster, but you actually ordered it from a store, not Giftster.

My website or buy links are not working in my Giftster app

If you tap the buy or website buttons in the Giftster apps on iOS or Android and nothing happens, you may be running an incompatible browser. We know that Duck Duck Go or Google Chrome browser if selected as your default browser, will cause links to stop working. If you visit your settings for your phone's browser and switch it back to the default browser the links will work as expected.

Another option is to run in your phone's native browser, links will work fine there, too.

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