Reserve and purchase items

How do I make sure someone else doesn’t purchase a gift I’ve purchased?

  1. To mark an item reserved, click the reserve button next to the item you intend to purchase. This reserves the item for you. 
  2. If you decide not to purchase that item, unlock it by tapping the release button . This makes it available to others. 
  3. After you’ve purchased the gift, click on the purchase button from either your Shopping List or Shop For page. 

Marking an item purchased is a separate step from buying the item

Be sure to mark an item reserved or purchased if you bought or plan to give that item.  This is what tells others the item is already taken.   If you buy the item using the Giftster buy button this does not automatically change the status to purchased

When you mark an item purchased, Giftster removes the purchase button for others viewing that item on Shop For, changes the background color of the item, and shows the item as unavailable and purchased.  This prevents a duplicate gift.

Note: The recipient (list maker) cannot see this information on their My List view so they won’t know what’s been reserved or purchased.

About quantities greater than one:  If the list maker requests more than one of something, Giftster keeps track of the reserve and purchase status for each quantity.  So for example, if the list maker requests quantity of 2, and you tap the purchase button once, one quantity is marked purchased, while the other one is still available. Thus the item will still show available until the second quantity is marked reserved or purchased by you or another shopper.

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