List Basics

Help others make thoughtful gift decisions for you and create a Giftster list!

We suggest you keep one main list updated with your latest gift ideas, adding and deleting items as gift-giving events come and go. Edit your list name to keep it current as you like.

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Add an item (3 easy ways)

  1. Add item button: Select the add item button and enter a gift idea. Set the star ranking to indicate the gift priority (select from 0 to 5 stars to set). Giftster sorts by alpha withing same star ranking so you can control the order however you like. That's it! Press save. Fill out the rest if you want to.
  2. Use fetch: Paste in the web link (URL) that points to a page on the internet related to a product or something you want to reference on your list. Then press the fetch button and Giftster automatically fills out the rest. Edit the results if you wish, then press save.

    Fetch is smart enough to only fill out empty fields, so for example if you have a completed item but no image, fetching that item will attempt to find and add an image for you and leave the rest of the filled in information the same.

  3. On IOS App, tap Add Item, then Find & Fetch, search the web for an item and add it to Giftster in a couple of taps. Or use the IOS share sheet by tapping the share icon in any retailers mobile app or while in your browser.
  4. Add-to-Giftster button for desktop and laptops: A powerful way to automatically add items to your lists while browsing other websites. Check it out here

Quick Tips

Quantity is always a whole number of 1 or more. For example, if you put 3 pairs of socks on your list, Giftster displays (to others, not you) how many are still available. 

Sorting your list by star rankings, and then by alpha within rankings is done automatically by Giftster. While making your list, always adds new items to the end of your list so you can see them added as you go. Anytime you want to see the list in sorted view after just adding new items, click the sort items now link in lower-left corner of your list. When others see your list, it is automatically sorted by your star rankings, with 5 stars at the top and no stars or 1 star at the bottom. (On the apps, Giftster auto sorts as soon as you save an item).

Use the magic of add image to search for and insert a picture from anywhere on the internet, your computer, or even from your device's camera (tablet or phone). Use  add image if you wish to replace the image that fetch chose for you. The add image link displays when an item has no image. You can delete the existing image for an item by clicking on the "X" to delete, then click  add image to select a different one.

Sort your items
Use the sort options to view your list by most recently added (newest), price high to low, or low to high, alpha by item name, or by the default star rank. Other's shopping your list will also be able to sort, including by availability (which items are not yet marked purchased). Note: Sorting coming soon to Android App

Copy an item to another list

While editing an item, look for the copy item button on the right column (your item must first be saved before this button will be visible). With this feature, you can copy an item from one list to another of your lists, including child account lists.

Change list privacy

Decide who you want to view each list, by changing your privacy setting located at the top of the list. The default is shared to all your groups.

Private - For your eyes only. Only viewable from My Lists, by you.

Shared - For members of groups of which you are a member of.

Public - For anyone, including your groups and visitors using member search.

On a shared list, Giftster displays the items you list in My Lists only to other members of your groups. They are the only people that may view and reserve items on your lists unless you choose to mark a list as private. 

A private list is only viewable by you, the list owner. At any time you can click on set privacy and change your settings to allow others in your groups to view and reserve gifts on your list. Note: A shared list may be made private, but consider if others may have already marked items reserved or purchased - do you want to remove their access to the list?

Public privacy status opens your list for viewing to anyone that searches for you by name or email address using Member Search. Guests to your public lists have full access to expand items to see all item detail, and to mark the items reserved or purchased without becoming a member. Use public lists for baby showers, wedding registries, classroom needs lists, or other gift registry type needs where you want to make it simple for anyone to shop your lists.

If you share your list link, the list privacy must be set to PUBLIC so Giftster knows to let others see all the details of your list and have the option to claim items on your list.

Gift preferences privacy

Click on gift preferences to share a few specifics with your family and friends about clothing sizes, colors, favorite activities. Fill out as little or as much as you like. Others in your group can view these preferences at any time on their "Shop for" view. You also have a privacy option with gift preferences - shared or public. The default is shared, only those in your groups can see this page.  If you make gift preferences public, Giftster then makes a link to your preferences available in Giftster member search.

Tip: A public setting will automatically display your mailing address on the left side of your public lists when guests are shopping your list, if you add your mailing address on gift preferences.
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