Add, edit and copy items

How do I manage items on my list?

Add an item

To add an item, click the add item button, fill in one or more of the fields you’d like to display and press save. Only the gift name is a required field. Fill out as little or as much as you like.

Fill in an item's details automatically

The magic way to add an item is with Fetch. 
Select the  add item button, then copy and paste a web link from any site into the web link field and press the Fetch button. Giftster smartly analyzes the page of your item's website and fills out your entire item, including picking what Giftster thinks is the best picture for it. If you want a different image, delete the image and select  add an image for a powerful way to add an image from anywhere on the web, Facebook, your computer, any URL, or your phone's camera!
You can also use the Add to Giftster button service to add items while shopping online.

Copy an item to another of your lists

Note: Available on and the IOS app, coming soon to the Android app.

Want to copy an item from one of your lists to another? Expand an existing item and select the copy item button. Copying an item does not copy any existing hidden reserves or purchases on the item to the destination list. This feature is not on the mobile apps.  
Note: You might have to scroll down after selecting copy item to see the selector for your destination list.
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