5 features that will make you stay

Considering closing your Giftster account? Before you make the decision to go, check out 5 reasons some members close their accounts but wish they didn't.

  1. Others can mark items purchased without an account.
  2. You can share your public lists with anyone, without a group.
  3. You can change your email and password on this account.
  4. You can turn off all birthday and activity digest emails.
  5. The feature you want might be on giftster.com but not on the apps yet.

Bonus reasons

  • Testing how others view your list link? Giftster restricts what you can see until you set your list privacy to public (my list > settings)
  • Fetch failed for you on a certain website? Fetch works great 95% of the time, try a different website and see. You can still add any item even if fetch doesn't auto fill for you.
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