How do I tailor my email notification settings?

Giftster automatically sends you email notifications for activities happening in your account to keep you in the know on gift-related activities. 

Once you start or join a group with other members you'll receive an Activity Digest when there is group activity and upcoming birthday reminders. These email notifications are a favorite feature of Giftster, and you have complete control over them.

Make Birthdays Count

Four weeks before your birthday, Giftster automatically sends you a reminder email to update your list(s).

One week later, Giftster automatically reminds members of your group(s) that your birthday is three weeks away. Giftster also reminds you three weeks before any of your group members has a birthday.

The result is fewer missed birthdays, a wish list that is updated, and gifts that matter most.

You can tailor the types of birthday reminders you send or receive.

To turn off any of the birthday reminder emails follow these steps.

  1. On (coming soon on the apps) visit the Notifications Center (the bell icon) and tap on Settings.
  2. Tap the switch next to any notification type you wish to turn off. You may resubscribe or turn it back on at any time.
About your birthday. Giftster displays your birthday month and day to other approved group members when logged into Giftster. Your birthday is not available publicly. If you prefer that no group members can see your birthday, remove your birthday from your profile settings.  

Daily Digest with Group Activity

The daily digest email lets you know when your group member(s) have made updates in the past 24 hours. It is sent only when there have been changes, otherwise, no digest goes out.

To turn off your daily digest email notification follow these steps.

  1. On visit the Notifications Center (the bell icon) and tap Settings.
  2. Tap the switch next to Daily Digest to unsubscribe. You may resubscribe at any time.
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