Do I (or my guests) have to Sign up?

If you are shopping someone's public Giftster wish list, and you are not a Giftster member yourself, you don't have to sign up to mark something purchased on the list.  

With the website edition of, you are prompted to Shop as a guest where you can mark things purchased, and even come back later to that list to unmark them if you change your mind. No account required.

Giftster asks for and records the name and email address of the shopper on any items that are marked reserved or purchasedGiftster automatically keeps track of each item so the shopper has an easy way to return later and change their mind about an item or to mark additional items. Also, in applications like a wedding registry, this provides a way for the list maker to see the name of the person marking an item purchased for thank you notes. 

A Giftster guest shopper may, at their option, later open their own Giftster account and Giftster will automatically "remember" all the items they marked purchased as a guest and include them in their new full Giftster account on their My Shopping List

Note: Guest shopping is currently available in the browser version of on web and mobile, not the IOS or Android apps.

Note about privacy:  The email address requested from a guest shopper is not used for marketing.   The shopper will receive 2 emails that contain a convenient link that takes them back to the list they shopped where they can see at a glance the item(s) they marked so they can make any changes.  No further emails are sent.

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