Shop For Others

Shop For mode lets you view gift details, mark an item reserved or purchased, and follow member-provided links to stores to buy the items.

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How to shop for others

This view shows you other people's lists and preferences, to help take the anxiety out of both choosing and buying the items they really want.

  • Select the member name on the left, then select a list or their gift preferences. This shows you their latest lists. (On the apps, tap "Shop for" tab if you don't see a member list).
  • Select an item row to expand it to show you more detail and large image if available
  • Use the icons to mark an item reserved or purchased, to add the same item to your list, or to search Amazon for up to 5 product matches based on the item description. Need to undo a reserve or purchase? Select the unlock icon to release the item and restore the availability so someone else can claim it.
  • Select the Buy on website/shopping cart icon to open a new window containing a web page for that item provided by the list maker. This is likely a place where you can purchase the item.
  • To nudge the list maker to clarify an item description, or to refresh their list, select the reminder link with the bolt icon. You can even send the list maker an anonymous email so they won't know who is asking about their list or a particular item.

Watch how shopping works

Frequently asked questions

Can the list maker see what I marked on their list?

No. By default the list maker's My List view of their list will not show which items are marked purchased or reserved, or who marked them that way. 

Note: If the list is a child account list, the list maker can see reserves and purchases. By default, child account lists do display on the shop for page. (You can distinguish a child account list - it is indented under the parent account name on shop for, and child accounts display the child account icon on the groups page).

What is the difference between reserve and purchase?

The two statuses are for your convenience in organizing your shopping. You can choose how to use them. The important thing to know is Giftster automatically accumulates all your items marked reserved or purchased on the my shopping list view. So you have one place to keep track of everything you marked.

We suggest you mark items you intend to purchase reserved. Other shoppers can see this. All your reserved items will be on my shopping list at the top as your "things to buy" list. Mark them purchased as you finalize your shopping, or you can release an item if you change your mind or couldn't find it.

How do I buy the item I marked purchased?

Think of Giftster as your shopping list system. So when you mark it  purchased on Giftster, you are free to buy it anywhere you prefer. And once you buy it, then make sure you have marked it purchased on Giftster, to prevent a duplicate gift. Marking it purchased is a separate step from actually buying the item on the seller's website.

Look for the green website/shopping cart button on the item name. If the list maker provided a web link to a store, we'll display that link, which helps you locate the perfect place to find and purchase the exact item.

How do I prevent duplicate gifts?

When all the quantities of an item have been marked reserved or purchased, then Giftster removes the reserve and purchase buttons so nobody else can claim that item. Importantly, Giftster leaves the item on the list, marked purchased, and with a different background color, so others can see this gift is already being given, so they don't get the smart idea of buying one too, and creating a duplicate gift situation. If you don't see a reserve or a purchase button on an item on Shop For, then it is already claimed by someone else.

How do quantities work?

Giftster supports quantities. Each time you click on reserve or purchase you decrease the available quantity by 1. Different people can reserve or purchase an available quantity for the same item on the same list when the list maker requested more than 1. If you have a quantity reserved, clicking on purchase decreases your reserve by 1 and increases your purchase by 1. An explanation of the quantity status is displayed in the expanded item view.

How can I see who bought something on someone else's list?

To help you coordinate your gift-giving with others in your group, Giftster gives you the option to see the name of others who have marked items reserved or purchased. Giftster covers the name with a "reveal" label. If you click on it, the name is revealed. If you don't want to know this information, don't click reveal. (Coming soon on the Android app)

How do I see upcoming birthdays?

On's Shop For view, you see Name and Birthday sort options at the top of the menu of members.  Tap Birthday and your members are rearranged by upcoming birthday.   Tap Name to change the sort back to alpha by first name, the traditional Giftster sort method.  How slick is that! On the IOS app, birthdays are shown on the groups page. (Birthdays coming soon to the Android app).

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