Sharing a mailing address

How to make your mailing address available to shoppers

Giftster provides a flexible way to share a mailing address, along with a level of privacy.

First, to add your mailing address, visit your Gift Preference Profile on your my list view.

The address fields are the last section on gift preferences.  Once you've added your address info, press save.

If you are sharing your lists in a group, others in your group(s) can view your Gift Preferences on the Shop For view of your list, where they will find your address.  They only see your address if they are logged into Giftster.

If you are sharing your list publicly, and want to include your mailing address, just set the Privacy on your Gift preferences to public.

Now, when anyone shops your public list, they can see your address displayed along the left side of your list on the website version of Giftster.    To see your address, they must either be shopping as a guest, or logged into their account.  This means your address is only displayed to visitors that have identified themselves this way.

Note:  We get asked the question, "can Giftster anonymously pass along the address to a merchant to ship a gift, so the gift giver never sees the address?"   The answer is no, because Giftster doesn't place any order on your behalf, that is up to the gift giver, once they've marked an item purchased on your list.  So the gift giver has to see your address to be able to provide the shipping address to the online vendor.

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