Facebook and Passwords

For enhanced privacy, we ended Facebook Connect support on new account sign up.

This article explains how everyone with an existing Giftster account can log in.

If you previously logged into Giftster with Facebook

On Giftster.com, you can still log in by using the blue Facebook button on the log in page. If you would like to log-in without Facebook, see below.

If using the IOS or Android app, look for the reset password link on the log in page. Use this to create a password for your existing account instead of Facebook Connect. Then you can log in with your email address and that password from now on, no Facebook required.

How to access your existing Giftster account without Facebook:

1. Request a password reset, this allows you to create a password for your existing account.  Request a new password

2. Giftster sends you an email with a link to set a password.  Once completed, you can log in with your email address and that password, no Facebook required.  Your email address, if you need to know it, displays on the settings page on the web or on settings on the mobile apps.

If you never used Facebook Connect to sign up for Giftster, then these instructions don't apply to you and you can continue to log in with your username and password.

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