Search Members: Find public lists and groups

How to find and shop a public list gift registry

  1. Using member search, search by name or email address to find the person. 
  2. Select their name and Giftster displays their lists (some call them gift registries).
  3. To shop their list, select an item to expand the row to see all detail. 
  4. Click on the reserve or purchase icons if you plan to buy the item or if you have already purchased it. 
  5. To buy the item, select the website button, when provided by the list maker, to visit a page where you can buy the item. Or expand the item to see if the list maker added the where to buy information. If no store is provided, expand the item and select the find it on Amazon button to view recommendations based on the item description. 

How to find and join an existing group

To view or share wish lists with someone that are not public, first find a group they belong to. 

  1. Using member search, search by name or email address to find the person
  2. Select their name and Giftster displays the groups they are members of. You'll see a link where you can request membership to join the same group. 
  3. Select the link to request to join the group.
Note: You'll first need your own Giftster account to join a group. Giftster prompts you to  login. If you are new to Giftster, select  No account? Register now on the login page. The person who created the group will see a request on their  my groups page and in their News Feed to approve you. Once they do, you will see all the members on your my groups page.

What is a group? Your family is a group. Your circle of friends is a group. Groups are simply the way Giftster knows who can see each other’s wish lists and contribute to the events calendar.

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