Change which groups have permission to view my list

If you’re setting up a new list, and you belong to multiple groups (way to go power user!), you’ll have an opportunity to choose which groups your list is shared with. The default is to share with all your groups.  We call this feature list permissions.

How to change your list's shared privacy setting list permission

  1. If you prefer not to share the list with a certain group when first making your list, or by accessing the privacy settings for your list, under shared privacy choose which groups can see this list.
  2. Remove the X next to the name of a group to deselect it.
  3. Press the save settings button when you’re finished.

For example, you may belong to two family groups, but only want to display a list to members of one of your groups.  By default your lists display to all members of all your groups, but using this list permission feature, you can choose which groups are allowed to view and shop your lists.   

You set list permissions independently by list, so each list on your my lists view can have different visibility to your groups

Tip: If you want to change privacy settings a list you already created, click the set privacy link at the top of the list. There, you can deselect any group your list is shared with by clicking the red X next to the group name.

Note:  We get asked "Can I hide a person on a list?"  The answer is no.   But, often you can achieve the result you want by using another group.  This is often the case with blended families.  You could have two groups, you the group owner would be in both of them, but you could have some overlap and some differences in each group.    For example, you may want the ex-husband to see your list along with the child accounts, but not participate in the extended new family group.  You could do this with a group that just included you and the ex-husband.  Your lists could still be visible to both groups, but the ex-husband would only see your lists, and other members of your family would not see the ex-husband's membership or lists.


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