How does Giftster safeguard my information?

Is my information safe? 

Yes. Giftster takes extra steps to keep your data safe with encryption, firewalls, SSL and other secret methods. If you like reading about these things, learn more on our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pages.

Giftster has special privacy policy considerations for California residents with CCPA and those in the European Union with the GDPR policies as listed in our Privacy Policy.

Is Giftster safe for my kids to use?

Yes. Giftster is safe for people of all ages. Only people included in your group can create lists and events viewable by your children that are part of your group. However, children under the age of 13 must have adult supervision when using most websites according to federal rules. 

Not sure you want your child to use their own account? We’ve got you covered. Create a child account that you can manage from your own account. You can set up child accounts for as many children as you’d like on the my lists page.

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