How to Change Group Owner

A Giftster group is a very useful tool. Only the owner can approve additional members, or remove any member. Only the owner can start and end a Secret Santa draw, or send a group email to all members on

One member of a group is the group owner. The group owner has the power to reassign ownership of the group to any other approved member of that group.

Once ownership is reassigned, the original creator of the group becomes a regular member of that group.

When you assign group ownership to a new member, Giftster sends an email to that member informing them of the change. They will also see they are the group owner when they visit the Groups page on any version of Giftster.

An ownership transfer may be done at any time, even if there is an active Secret Santa draw active for the group.

The option to transfer group ownership is available to a group owner on the Groups page on (not the apps yet). Look for the more button (ellipses, 3 dots) next to the name of the approved member, tap that, and you'll see the Make group owner option.

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