Use Gift Preferences to your advantage

Each Giftster member and child account gets its own Gift Preferences page.

This page, if filled out by the list maker, can help inspire you (the gift giver) with your own gift ideas for that person.

For example, if they list a certain hobby, or charity, or favorite store, this might be enough to choose a gift for them, without marking something on their list.

Gift preferences is a permanent page for each member, the lists may change but Gift Preferences always stay as a reference.

What if Gift Preferences says "None specified"?

You won't have any gift preferences unless the member takes the time to write some down.  You have the power to nudge them to do so with the reminder link at the bottom of the Gift preferences page on Shop For.  Tap that link and let the list maker know you care about them and wish they would fill in a few of the preference questions.  You can be anonymous or you can let them know it's you doing the asking.

Are you a Giftster member?  Have you filled out your own Gift Preferences?  Now would be an excellent time to do so!

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