Amazon short link tips

Amazon mobile app uses short links - here is how to fetch them

Giftster has a direct Fetch relationship with Amazon to get product details for Amazon product URLs automatically.

However, the Amazon mobile app uses shortened links that use and those links sometimes do not Fetch automatically.

If you find that Fetch is failing to get the product details for one of your "" links, here is how to successfully add that item to Giftster.

1.  You can manually add (using the keyboard) a product name, price, image and description with the link in the fetch field and others shopping your list can shop that item normally and your link will work for them.

2.  Fetch will auto-fill your Amazon item if you give fetch the "expanded" version of the link.  To do this, you need to visit the website (not the amazon app) and copy and paste the full link with the "" in the web link field on

Tip:  You could save the link on your list for an item on your mobile device.  Then on your laptop or desktop PC, on My List click the buy link to visit that link on, then copy and paste the expanded URL back into your item on Giftster, overwriting the URL with the full URL.  Then press fetch and Giftster will quickly autofill all the details for you.

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