Will Giftster work in any country?

Giftster is designed for use all around the world. 

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding international use:

Q: Can I use my local language when adding a list name, description, group name and other member-added details?

Absolutely! We do not limit which language you are using when creating lists, gift preferences, groups and beyond. What language you use to make Giftster yours is up to you.

Q: Can I specify an item's price in pounds, euros, pesos, or another currency?

Yes. When adding an item you may list the price in any currency you wish. We do not default to any specific currency.

Q: Can I add any item from any store?

Yes. You can add any item from any store in the world. Giftster is truly a universal family wish list maker. 

Q: Can I fetch details from a non-English website?

Absolutely! Giftster automatically retrieves the item's name and description in the language of the website you are fetching it from. 

Q: Are there any international limitations?

  • Giftster.com does not yet offer translation tools and is available in English only.
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