Group Gifting

How multiple people can give one group gift to a member

Giftster doesn't handle money transactions, but here is a popular way to set up a group gift.

1. Add the group gift idea to your list, like an Apple iPad for $300

2. Decide how much an individual gift towards that gift might be, say $30

3. Set the quantity on this item to 10

4. Now you are requesting a quantity of 10 - $30 gifts towards the iPad

5. Put in the description of your gift that each quantity represents a $30 commitment towards the large gift

Now, anyone shopping your list can see that they can contribute to that gift in increments of $30, so someone can mark it purchased once for $30, or mark it purchased twice for $60, etc.   Different members can mark the item purchased until all 10 are taken.

Giftster doesn't collect the funds, the givers would write a check or transfer the funds or maybe all get together and buy the item and give it to you, for example.

Multiple people can buy the same item

Another question we get asked is "can multiple people buy the same item?" The answer is yes, because Giftster supports quantities, and each time someone marks an item reserved or purchased on the the Shop For view of that list, the quantity available decreases by one. So three people could have an item marked purchased, and two of that item could still be available for others, assuming the list maker asked for five of this item.

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