Giftster Software Versions

Which Giftster software version is best for you?

Since entire families like to all connect with Giftster, everyone needs to get their device running Giftster.  So we have a flavor for everyone.  Login the same way on all of them.

Desktop or Laptop

Run the full for basically every feature we offer.

Mobile Phones

Either run in your phone's browser, or choose the app for a more integrated experience with the device.

On iPhone, download the IOS app

Note:  Currently, one advantage of the version on your iPhone is that add image (on item adds) can access your local camera roll or camera.  

On Android, download the Android app from Google play or the Amazon App Store.  

On all other mobile or small screen devices, run for the best experience. 


Your choice.  We recommend you run the full on your tablet.  

On Ipad, download the IOS Ipad app from the App store

On Google Android tablets, download the Android App from Google Play

On Amazon Fire devices, download the Android based App from the Amazon App Store.

All devices still use your same login.  We recommend you try both the app and the website versions of Giftster, if you haven't already, to find the one you love most. 

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