How do I change my Giftster email address?

How to update my Giftster account with new email address

You can easily change your existing Giftster account email address without losing any of the contents of your account.

Here's how:

1.  Log in to your existing account using the "old" email address that is associated with your account (even if this email address doesn't "work" anymore you can still log into your account with it).
2.  Visit the settings page on the website, or more > settings  on the mobile apps.
3.  There you can replace the email address with the new one
4.  Click Save settings

Your account remains as is, but Giftster uses the new email now on web and mobile.

Tip:  Forget your password?  If you forgot your password, you can't use the "reset password" feature since your old email service may not be available to you anymore.   In this case, email your old email address, your name, and your new email address to [email protected] and request that we update it for you.

Note:  Only the account owner can change the email address on their own account.  A group creator cannot do this for a member, the member would do this themselves.

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