I Got This List

Archiving items to your I Got This list

This is a permanent place to keep a history of items you received. The  I Got This button removes an item from your list and adds it here. (Rather than deleting or removing items you received, save them to this list.)

How I Got This works

Adding an item to your I Got This list

  1. When viewing any of your own lists on My Lists, select an item to view it in edit mode. You'll see the I Got This button on the right side.
  2. Selecting the I Got This button instantly deletes that item from your list and adds it to your Got This list.

Viewing the I Got This list

On Giftster.com and the app, the I Got This list always displays at the bottom of your list of lists. The list name cannot be changed.

Giftster creates the  I Got This the first time you use it. It deletes the Got This list if you remove all the items on it.

Items on your  I Got This list have no reserves or purchases associated with them - they are removed when you use the I Got This button on the item. No one can mark items reserved or purchased on this private list.

The list privacy setting for your  I Got This list is private and cannot be changed.

Copying an Item from your I Got This list back to another list

Available on giftster.com and the Giftster iPhone app. Coming in 2024 for the Giftster Android app.

Expand an item on your I Got This list and tap the item copy button.  This makes a copy of the item and places it on the destination list you select, including Child Account lists.

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