Giftster Notification Center

The Notification Center (or News Feed) automatically collects activity on lists and on group changes that you are a part of and displays them here.  Look for the bell shaped icon and tap on that on your profile page and also the settings link.

  • The left column displays the most recent 10 activities in your groups. 
  • The right column displays pending messages requiring a decision or action on your part.

The unread news feed items are tracked for you. When you leave this page they automatically are marked read and your unread counter is reset to 0.

Group activity email digest

The email digest feature watches all the activity in your group, and if in the past 24 hours there have been list updates by members, it aggregates them all together and sends one email daily digest out to each related group member. 

Tip: If you don't want to be the recipient of these digest emails, you can turn that feature on and off on the news feed page on the website. If you don't want your list activity included in the news feed and digest emails, set your list privacy to "private" while adding or editing items. Then set it back to "shared" or "public" so others can see your list and activity again when you are done.
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